2016 #MoleDay Meme

October 23, 2016
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Here’s 2016’s offering. It’s a SUNDAY for goodness sake.

Mole Day Meme 2016

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  1. Paul S. Cohen

    Why not “celebrate” on June second, at 10:23 AM ? 1. It is AFTER the AP exam. 2. It is during school hours.

    In fact, I never bothered with “mole day” at all, always thought it was a silly waste of time. It became more so when in 2000, New York State removed the Avogadro number from its syllabus entirely. I certainly wasn’t going to use AP chem time on it, but after that, it was meaningless in first year chemistry. Furthermore, for me there is nothing “sacred” about the number. It isn’t like pi or e, transcendental functions of enormous mathematical import. The Avogadro number is the result of the choice of grams as our mass unit in chemistry. The SI unit is kilograms; were that commonly used in chemistry calculations, the celebration would be on October 26th.

    Let the math folks bring pies to school on March 14th. They don’t seem to have as much trouble finishing their syllabi on time.



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