The Periodic Table: Elements with Style! reviewed in The Times Educational Supplement (TES) June 2007

June 06, 2007

Here’s the text of the review;

The periodic table is a dry old thing and familiarising yourself with it can be like trudging through treacle on a muggy day.  It has been printed on ties, mouse mats, and even shower curtains but still remains pretty lifeless.

Until now.  This illustrated pocket-sized guide is a creative bombshell and will transform the way you think.  It is a book with a huge element of fun and will do cartwheels in the minds of pupils.

The idea behind the book is simple.  Each element has been personified, injected with a vibrant personality and brought to life.  Some are eccentric and charming, some sinister and dangerous, some spirited and hot headed, some bashful and fragile.  Each element has been superbly characterised and this visual interpretation will be welcome by learners in top primary up to GCSE.

The character profiles are a joy to read and combine science and literacy in a heady mix of creative writing and cross-curricular thinking.  Not only will pupils warm to them but they will want to pen more descriptions so tell your English colleagues about the book.

Every page lists not only a description, but the element¹s symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, colour, standard state, classification, density, melting point and boiling point.  it comes with a poster too.  Quirky, memorable and good value.


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