Exciting news – web site improvements

January 29, 2015

Over the course of the last few months I have been having a few issues with the site, one of which, as a user, you may have encountered. Although the issues behind the scenes have been several and various, the one that you my have personally experienced is being locked out of the site for a short period of time. When this has happened, you may have been re-directed to the WordPress Install dialog box that looks something like this;

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.16.52 AM

This situation is largely harmless, and is generally quickly resolved when the site reverts back to normality within a few minutes, but also it is undoubtedly very annoying when you need to access the site.

It has taken me quite some time to discuss the issue with my hosting company, and to cut a long story short, I am not very happy with them. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that part of the reason that the site has been experiencing difficulties is because the traffic has been increasing very significantly, and that the site appears to have outgrown its current home. As a result, I am moving the site to a new host, and significantly upgrading the hosting plan. I am moving to a VPS hosting situation that should result in a much smoother, faster, more reliable experience all around. I am hoping that a resolution will be in place within a week or so and that you will begin to see the benefits immediately.

From a visitors perspective the move should be seamless, but I thought it worth flagging now, just in case there are some issues. As ever, you can contact me if you need anything, and I will do my best to respond promptly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and hopefully your overall experience will improve.


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