Summer 2016 Maintenance & Improvements

April 08, 2016

Now that I am in review mode for the 2016 exam, my thoughts start to turn to Summer 2016 Maintenance & Improvements for the site and its materials. Here’s a note about some of the changes that you can expect to see for the start of the 2016-17 school year.

Summer 2016 Maintenance & Improvements

This summer will see some very significant additions and changes to the site and its resources, with a large overhaul of many areas. Some of the improvements that you can expect to see by August 1st 2016 are listed below.

  • Complete overhaul of all Regular Notes and Worksheets
  • Complete overhaul of all Honors Notes and Worksheets
  • The usual review of AP Notes and Worksheets
  • The usual review of Organic Notes and Worksheets
  • Completely new Multiple-Choice sets for Regular, Honors, AP Chemistry and Organic
  • Large changes to the organization of the old, AP Free Response Questions bank
  • Mailing list updates
  • More posts that will be accessible only to members in an attempt to increase the value of membership


  • A new and exciting way to access!

Please note that between June 1st and August 1st 2016, you may see some odd things on the site – maybe a few broken links, some weird formatting, odd or apparently missing content, but all of this is (hopefully) just a function of the work going on behind the scenes! Of course, feel free to contact me about anything that doesn’t make sense to you. The answer may just be, ‘hang tight’, but I’d still be happy to hear from you anyway. Thanks for your patience as I try hard to improve the experience for everyone that uses the site and its resources.

Keep on eye on my Twitter and Facebook accounts for announcements, or alternatively just tune back in on August 1st 2016 to see all of the new content and site improvements.


  1. Tom Hanninen

    Good to hear Adrian – looking forward to the revisions.


    • Adrian

      Three years into the new course and even more time to think about things we make a difference to some AP materials. The Regular, Honors and Organic stuff just needs a complete refresher. I think it will make things a LOT better all around.


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