Tom Greenbowe’s Flash REDOX titration simulation lives!

January 13, 2021

At least for now.

You may know that one of my favorite simulations of all time is an ancient one produced by Tom Greenbowe. It’s a favorite of mine since it never fails to be a huge help by being a great an eye-opener for kids in terms of titration technique, REDOX theory, and the associated calculations. It is used by me in this lab.

But in 2021, there’s a problem. The simulation is a Flash file. As of 12/31/20 Flash is no longer being supported by Adobe, and all of the major browsers are updated to prevent Flash from running. It looks like Tom is planning to move some of his simulations over to HTML5 (and already has with a few) but in the meantime I did some research to find out if we can still run it in the Flash format. The short answer is ‘yes’! Now, who knows how long this work-around will get the job done? As a result I don’t guarantee this into the future, but for now you can do the following.

It appears to work seamlessly, and you can do this with any .swf file! This may not be a permanent solution, but for now, enjoy!


  1. Rand Helmkamp

    Thanks Adrian,

    I was worried I was not going to be able to use this activity this year. I think it is a useful refresher about titrations and redox reactions. Thank you for the help.

  2. Sarah Wiles

    Adrian, I will continue to sing your praises again and again. You are a miracle worker… now how about that IB curriculum. Organic is not fun to teach!

    • Adrian

      Thanks! I love the organic angle.

  3. Mona Hepditch

    Thanks Adrian!


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