Wordle – another interesting thing that I don’t know what to do with!

June 28, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous

I’ve been intrigued with wordle.net for a few days now (probably YEARS behind the curve, I know), but I don’t know why.

Wordle.net is a web site that will allow you to take snapshots of text and turn them into ‘Word Clouds‘. On one hand it seems like this may have useful information in there somewhere,  but on the other it also seems like it’s a complete waste of time! Not sure where I stand as yet.

Below is the wordle.net generated word cloud for the front page of my blog, prior to this post. It appears that I am blogging about students and information. Good I suppose, but that hardly seems earth shattering news given mine is a blog dedicated to chemistry education! Make of THAT what you will (if anything at all).




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