School starts for me next week

August 09, 2006
Categories: Miscellaneous

I’m enjoying the last few days of summer vacation before heading back to work next week. The book is nearly complete (at least in terms of the original work being done before immense amounts of editing I guess) and the new year looms large. Expect daily postings from next Monday onwards as we press ahead!

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  1. golowenskium

    Hello Adrian and all! I’m posting this in response to Adrian’s email relating to blogging and such. I do have password and if you see this post, I can post……

    School starts August 22 here in Ohio. Our science department has 4 teachers teaching a variety of chemistry courses this year! We have a total of 12 teachers in our science department.

    My personal schedule is two AP Chem with one shared lab period with 3 Honors Chem classes. Being the department head I have two ‘prep’ periods to help other teachers and plan.

    I’m looking forward to using and reading this blog this year… another great idea from King Adrian!

    Onward and upward!


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