Support for AP Chemistry Crash Course, 3rd Ed.

Unfortunately, tiny errors, typos, and the need for tweaks & amendments are all an inevitable part of publishing hard-copy books. Virtually all attempts to reduce them to zero, fail. No matter how many eyes pass over the text, it is still extremely unusual for a book to go without the need for modifications in future printings or editions. The AP Chemistry Crash Course is no exception.

When considering all of the above it is going to be necessary to make tiny changes to the book over time in order for the product to improve. You may think this happens via a new edition and that a 4th Edition will be coming out soon. However, that’s not quite how it works!

A entirely new edition of the book is unlikely to be produced before there is some major change in the AP exam. Given that we have just had one such huge overhaul (May 2019), a new edition of the book is unlikely anytime soon. However, what does happen is that popular books get re-printed as the current supply runs out. What we can do, is to make changes between re-prints, and slowly, over time, the books that have those improvements make it into the supply chain.

As such, when you read some of the changes that I will list below, you may already be in possession of a hard-copy book that has incorporated them. On the other hand, you may not – it just depends on what stage the publisher has reached in terms of dealing with the tweaks, and which re-print you happen to have in your possession. Either way, this page should prove to be a useful companion to the book.

Below I will list some of my thoughts (and those pointed out by others), that will hopefully move the original printing of the 3rd Edition of AP Chemistry Crash Course book, ever-increasingly toward ‘perfection’! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find something that requires a tweak and I will happily consider it’s inclusion here (and in future re-prints).