• Question 01:

    In the ion, HAsO42-, what is the oxidation number of arsenic?

  • Question 02:

    When the half-reactions shown below are combined, what is true of the resulting REDOX reaction?

    Zn ⇌ Zn2+ + 2e-
    Cu2+ + 2e- ⇌ Cu

  • Question 03:

    In the reaction between thiosulfate ions (S2O32-) and iodine, the sulfur species is converted to S4O62- and the iodine is converted to iodide ions. Which statement regarding the reaction is true?

  • Question 04:

    In which of the following does the metal have the same oxidation state?

  • Question 05:

    When manganate(VII) ions are reduced to Mn2+ ions in acid solution, how many electrons are transferred?

  • Question 06:

    When iron metal is added to a solution of copper(II) sulfate, which statement is true?

  • Question 07:

    Which of the following reactions could be described as displacement?

  • Question 08:

    In the following reaction, which species is acting as an acid in the REVERSE (right to left) reaction?

    NH3 + H2O ⇌ NH4+ + OH-

  • Question 09:

    How many moles of hydroxide ions are present, and on which side of the equation, when the half-reaction below is balanced in BASIC solution, using the smallest possible integers?

    MnO4- → MnO2

  • Question 10:

    Which of the following reactions represents both an Acid-Base neutralization, AND a precipitation reaction?