• Question 01:

    Which term describes the proximity of a measurement to the actual value?

  • Question 02:

    In Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment it was found that most of the positively charged alpha particles passed through the gold foil without deflection, but that a few of the alpha particles were deflected by large amounts. What conclusion did Rutherford draw from these observations?

  • Question 03:

    Which of the following calculations would give a correct value for the number of neutrons in a single atom of Ne22?

  • Question 04:

    How many significant figures does the number 2900 possess?

  • Question 05:

    Which of the following base quantities is paired with the WRONG unit?

  • Question 06:

    Which of the following describes a chemical change?

  • Question 07:

    Which data are the most precise?

  • Question 08:

    The prefix 'kilo' denotes raising 10 to which of the following powers?

  • Question 09:

    Which term describes the physical change from a solid directly to a gas?

  • Question 10:

    What is the % error when an experiment produces a value of 25, when the true, accepted value is 75?