Updated 2015 AP Chemistry Infographic

February 03, 2015
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Here’s the Updated (to reflect the time change to the FRQ section), 2015 AP Chemistry Infographic in PNG (first) and PDF (second), form.

AP Chemistry 2015 PNG Cropped


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.54.00 PM



  1. Suzie Smith

    Can a student miss 10 MC questions or are 10 MC questions not counting towards the score?

    • Adrian

      Hi Suzie

      Here is what it means;

      Students should attempt to answer ALL of the 60 of the questions, but only 50 of them actually count toward the final score – the other 10 questions are used for statistical analysis only, and are NOT counted in the scoring of the MCQ section. Obviously, students don’t know which ones are counted and which are ignored, so it makes absolutely ZERO practical difference to them and they should attempt all questions as if they DO count.

      In 2014, the MCQ approx. score boundaries were (out of 50), these; 5 = 38, 4 = 31, 3 = 24, 2 = 17.

      BUT far more important are the overall %’s. In 2014, overall %’s and grade boundaries were these; 5 = 72%, 4 = 58%, 3 = 42%, 2 = 27%.


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