The 10 blog posts ALL #apchemistry students should read

December 25, 2020
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Here’s a round up of some of the most popular blog posts that I’ve written relating to AP Chemistry. Some of these are old posts, some relatively new, but they all hold nuggets of information that might make a big difference to your #apchemistry performance, and success.

10. Things Your AP Chemistry Teacher may have taught you – that are useless!

9. No calculator on the Multiple-choice section – Don’t panic!

8. Writing good answers #2 – Acid-base.

7. Writing good answers #3 – Bonding.

6. 5 things your AP chemistry teacher could do  – to maximize your score.

5. Writing good answers #5 – Equilibrium.

4. Writing good answers #1 – Kinetics.

3. Writing good answers #4 – Periodicity.

2. Top Ten Tips – for AP Chemistry Success.

1. Lab situations on the AP Chemistry exam. – Condense ALL that lab-work knowledge into a single blog post.



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