Subscriber Updates (02-13-14)

The Unit 6 notes have undergone a few revisions in relation to Le Chatelier’s principle, and a minor tweak has occurred in TOPIC 6D.

The Le Chatelier changes are all as a result of a quite profound recent discussion on the College Board AP Chemistry Electronic Discussion Group, which, amongst other things, served to highlight the emphasis placed on the relationship in the new curriculum, between Q and K being the driving force for shifts in equilibrium. The notes always DID include that relationship, but I wanted to re-emphasize the importance  that has been placed upon it by the new curriculum.

The change in TOPIC 6D really only adds up to the addition of sentence to clarify that thermal energy at room temperature (RT = +2.4 kJmol-1) sets the scale for considerations of K and Delta Go. This already formed part of the notes in TOPIC 6D, but I wanted to add a few words for extra clarification.

The inclusion of a new diagram and a few extra notes have extended the length of the notes by one page from 32 to 33. The first ten pages are unchanged.