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My Open Letter to AP Chemistry Students

April 08, 2017

Here is my Open Letter to all AP Chemistry Students, and a note about AP Chemistry Review.

Dear AP Chemistry Student,

Three weeks on Monday you will be sitting down to start the AP Chemistry Exam for 2017. Congratulations! Why congratulations? Well it is likely that you have worked very hard and have learned a lot of chemistry. Good for you. The exam is an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the material; good luck!

However, things are not done yet. As we approach the end of this academic year, no student, regardless of their relative failures or successes to this point, has yet earned an AP score on the exam that matters, the AP Chemistry exam. That final AP score will be determined by the work and review that happens between now and the exam on May 1st.

AP Chemistry Review

Crucial to the process of achieving all that you can is piecing together some of the sometimes seemingly disparate topics to complete the fuller picture. EVERY student has much work to do in that respect, and ultimate success is still to be determined. Luckily a huge amount of progress can be made in the time remaining, if there is a commitment to the singular goal of the AP exam. You can continue to prepare in class, but the real work comes outside of class, and from the individual student. Investing in (and reading!) your review book, plus considering enrolling in an AP Chemistry Review Course are both be positive steps that can help to boost your AP score. Singular focus for just a few more days can still pay dividends; there is still time to raise your score!

There are many distractions at this time of year such as athletic events, college visits, other extra-curricular activities, and seniors wrapping up their high school careers, but one thing remains true. Many students will have worked far too hard to let up in the final few days of the course. It is crucial that the focus remains strong, and that the AP chemistry exam remains the goal.


Adrian Dingle



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