New AP exam format for ’07 – FINALLY, some detail on equation writing from the CB!

July 21, 2006
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We’ve all known for sometime that there are going to be a few changes to the 2007 AP exam. Some of these changes are subtle and minor, but the change to the equation writing section is profound and needed clarification. The College Board decided to release the announcement of change, but then did not simultaneously give specimen material in order to help teachers prepare. For several weeks there has been some animated discussion in various internet discussion groups, with teachers expressing their deep concern at the apparent disconnect between the groups involved. This all culminated in some pointed questions being asked at the AP National Conference in Orlando this past week. I have heard from several delegates who informed me that, according to the test development committee, the specimen material was prepared weeks (if not months) ago and for some reason it had not been released. Well, after pressure from many concerned teachers at the conference, yesterday it FINALLY appeared. You can view it here (you need to register at AP central to be able to read the article);,3046,151-165-0-52321,00.html.

This is LONG overdue and has highlighted an apparent schism between the interested parties. It’s incomprehensible to me as to why an announcement of the new equation writing format would not SIMULTANEOUSLY be accompanied by the specimen material. The very second that the words “new format” were uttered, teachers were saying, “please give us examples”. I would have thought that it would have been very easy to predict that scenario and the ambiguity and confusion that naturally arose would have been easy to avoid. It’s the kind of ambiguity I am trying to avoid with my students all the time!

Anyway, we’re all now satisfied at “Official” widespread word and thanks to Eleanor Siebert for her insight and for getting this finally published and in the formal public domain.


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