Net Ionic Equations in the AP exam 2014 and Beyond

April 02, 2014
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As we all continue to speculate about the role of NIE’s in the new exam, I adapted my old TOPIC 12 notes in an attempt to focus things a little more. These notes probably still represent overkill at this stage, and to be honest they aren’t that much different to the old notes on NIE’s, but until we know more I need to be able to sleep at night! If you have a valid subscription, you can download them, here.

As far as I know we can expect the traditional Q4 to be gone, however, I think it is reasonable to assume that they may ask NIE’s in other places as context allows. At this point, your guess is as good as mine, but here’s a short list that I think is reasonable;

  • The ‘usual suspects’ from 1st year chemistry like synthesis, single replacement (metals with water and acids), double displacement/precipitation, decomposition etc.
  • Complex REDOX in a titration context (manganate (VII), iodine/thiosulfate, dichromate(VI))
  • Combustion
  • Acids & Bases
  • Second and third period oxides in water

ANSWERS to examples in the notes


  1. Matt

    Complex redox? I understand including it just in case. (Note: I think many people have been talking with far too much certainty about what will or will not be tested.) But when was the last time any hard redox equation had to be written or described or balanced on the exam?

    • Adrian

      Matt – I think that at this stage I would limit my complex REDOX discussions to manganate(VII) and dichromate(VI). I think these ARE fair game, since they have such strong connection to REDOX titrations which I feel are definitely ‘in the frame’. I ask my students to learn these and be ready to reproduce them. I feel a little less strongly about iodine thiosulfate titrations, but………


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