October 08, 2015

A couple of quick video clips of some AP students performing their first ever titrations. The sharpest end-points? Perhaps not, but some nice work for a first attempt.

The reaction is the standardization of a solution of approx. 0.250 M HCl, with a standard solution of 0.200 M NaHCO3 with methyl orange as the indicator. The first part of the lab involves the preparation of the standard solution and the second part is the titration itself.  The two labs (AP Labs 03c and 03d) can be found on this page.


I did nothing more than video this with a phone, and then use the ‘Fly’ app to edit and add music. Yeah, that’s Chumbawumba and Killing Joke!




  1. daveeckstrom

    The second video gave me an idea: Endpoint color nail polish sets! Available in all popular indicator colors!

    • Adrian

      Nice idea, but I wouldn’t plan on retiring on the back of it!


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