Dingle’s Comments on the 2007B AP Exam

May 22, 2007
Categories: AP

In general significantly harder than the “A” form.

Question #1

Glad to see a Kp question, isn’t it about time this cropped up on the “A” form? I don’t like the fact that the Kp expression is given, but again this signals a general “dumbing down” that we continue to see.

Question #2

No comment required.

Question #3

No comment required.

Question #4

Part (b) again reflects the “dumbing down” by stating chlorine is the oxidizing agent.

Question #5

I WISH we could leave “Lactic Acid”, “Acetic Acid” and “Acetate” behind once and for all – these are NOT the modern names.

In part (b) I would like have seen a dropper added to the equipment list for accurate “making up to the mark” AND perhaps a funnel, wash bottle and a weighing boat since I would weigh the solid into a weighing boat, then use the wash bottle to transfer the solid through the funnel into the volumetric flask before making carefully up to the mark with the dropper.

In general, this question reinforces the FACT that it is not possible to examine lab techniques/knowledge in a meaningful way WITHOUT a lab exam.

Question #6

Parts (c), (d) and (e) WAY too easy.


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