AP TOPIC 12 notes adjusted

January 16, 2007
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The Combination/Decomposition part of the Simple REDOX section of the TOPIC 12 notes has been adjusted to make it (hopefully) a little clearer. The notes may have been slightly ambiguous in as much it may have appeared that the following reactions (and their reverse processes) are REDOX – they are NOT;

Non-Metal Oxide + Water ==> Acid

Metal oxide + Water ==> Base

Metal oxide + Non-Metal Oxide ==> Salt

The first two reactions may be better served by being in the hydrolysis section of the notes and in the future I will probably repeat them there. The reason all three types above (and their reverse processes) appear where they do, is that they ARE Combination/Decomposition reactions and I wanted to keep them with the Element (Metal) + Element (Non-metal) ==> Compound reaction. The Element + Element reaction IS a REDOX and that’s where the confusion may lie. Hopefully the new notes will help.


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