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October 21, 2022
AP Chemistry Online Winter Workshop 2022: I plan to offer a one-day, AP Chemistry Teacher Winter Workshop in December of 2022 and I’d love to have you join me. Sign up using this form at the bottom of this page.

Below you will find details of the workshop, but if after reading this post (and some of the anticipated FAQs), you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for taking the time to check this out, I hope to serve you in December.

Where? Online.

When? On a date to be decided upon (I’ll be surveying participants), but sometime between Monday 26th and Friday 30th of December 2022. The course will open at 7 AM on the day of the workshop, and be designed for you to be able to complete it in a SINGLE day (3-4 hours in the AM, 3-4 in the PM). However, the course will remain open for your ongoing access after the conclusion of the single day workshop.

What? A one day, AP Chemistry workshop focusing on improving scores on the AP exam for your students. 3-4 hrs in the morning, 3-4 hours in the afternoon, and a one hour of a ZOOM, in-person meeting (maybe more), for questions and discussions.

How? The course will be delivered via the Canvas LMS. Most of the modules involve some reading of documents and web based items, followed by reporting back via discussion groups. Canvas is free, and requires no special software or additional subscriptions, the course is web based.

Who? I will moderate and create all of the content, discussions and assignments that make up the course.

How much? The cost of the course is $125.00 which is non-refundable (see below for an exception if the course does not ‘make’). As is normal with my workshops that will include a $10 Amazon gift card, and additionally the $125 will serve as a CREDIT toward joining the FULL, Summer Workshop in 2023, over 7 days, that will be *also* be discounted for Winter Workshop participants. Effectively, if you sign up for the Winter Workshop you’ll get it, AND a discounted full Summer Workshop, AND your $125 will act as credit for the summer. I think that’s HUGE value.

How do I sign up? Simple. Sign up using this form at the bottom of this page.

A few points to note

  • Success in the online environment is somewhat dependent on the willingness of participants to contribute, so please bear that in mind before signing up. The course can only be as good as your involvement, so I am looking for willing souls and enthusiasm!
  • Before a course can run, I need a certain minimum number of paid participants so tell your friends! This means that I must have your payment, in my possession, in the first week of December. At that point I will assess if the course can run, I will then do one of two things;

either cancel the course (because too few people have signed up) and process a full refund of the cost (highly unlikely) or,

confirm that the course will run, and begin the process of giving out access details prior to the course starting.

FAQs for AP Chemistry Online Winter Workshops 2022

Can I get a heads-up on the type of things that will be covered in the workshop?

Yes. The workshop will have two modules. One will address essential questions around the delivery of the course, and one will address essential questions around the chemistry of the course. The former will address questions such as, “What should I practically do with labs and labwork?”, and “What does a daily schedule look like?”, and “What about sequence and timing?” The latter will address LOs that often confuse and cause stress to inexperienced AP teachers. BOTH modules are designed purely to improve scores. No other goal!

Will you accept a school/district check or PO? Yes, as long as I get payment in my hands one week prior to the course beginning. I can also issue invoices very easily.

I already have your AP Crash Course book so do not need to purchase it. Do I still get the $10 gift card? Yes, congratulations, you just made $10 for use on Amazon!

Do I have to use the Amazon gift card to buy the AP Crash Course book? No but parts of the online course will refer to it so you will ‘need’ it.

Are there assignments that I need to complete during the course? Tasks will certainly be asked of you but they are completed at your discretion. However, all of your fellow participants will be most grateful if you do complete the tasks, since they add to the value and the richness of the course. Without your willingness to contribute to discussions and post your thoughts, comments and ideas, the course could be very dry – please be enthusiastic and contribute!

Can I get ongoing, professional development credit (PLU’s) for the course and will you issue certificates of completion? The short answer is ‘yes’.

There is no reason to think that it should not attract such credit going forward – however, that is a question that must be resolved between the individual teacher and the individual school/district/system on a case by case basis.

What if I can’t make the synchronous meeting? In the event that is impossible, you can always arrange a time to speak with me individually. None of the course is actually delivered during the meeting, so you will miss no content per se, rather you will simply be missing out on the live discussion. The meeting will be recorded as well, so you can go back and view it at your convenience.

Does the course come with access to all of your AP materials? No, but some materials will be used such as specific worksheets and excerpts from the notes. In addition I will be offering discounted rates on subscriptions for workshop participants.

Will I know who else is taking the course with me? Yes, I will provide all participants with the contact details of all the other participants, so we can improve collaboration and collegiality.

What special hardware and software do I need? None. Canvas is web based, so a computer and internet access is all that you need.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions about the AP Chemistry Online Winter Workshops in 2022.

Sign up using the form below


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