More, potentially useless Wordles

I recently re-visited the Wordles that I first produced in June of 2013 for the original versions of my AP Chemistry notes for Big Ideas 1-6. You can read about them here. Before I update those Wordles again to reflect the newer versions of the notes more than 2 years down the road (which I think may be an interesting exercise), I thought I would do the same for the most up to date version of the official, College Board Course and Exam Description.

Because the CED is a secured (i.e., protected) document, I took me some time to break it open, but once I had, I ran Wordle on the complete text of the latest CED. This is what I found. Anything interesting?

Wordle For AP Chemistry CED

…..and then….I did it again, this time removing as much of the non-chemistry stuff as reasonably possible. Even by doing that, this is a VERY imprecise ‘science’, since the pdf loses quite a bit of detail when it gets converted to a word document in the first place. Nevertheless, sort of interesting.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.12.02 PM


  1. Penny Shrum

    Did you ever update these?

    • Adrian

      Really no need to, nothing has changed.


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