2008 AP Free Response DRAFT Answers

May 15, 2008
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My DRAFT 2008 Free Response Answers are now available here for a VERY LIMITED TIME. Please feel free to criticize and correct. DOUBTLESS there will be comments required!

2008, 1

2008, 2

2008, 3

2008, 4

2008, 5

2008, 6

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  1. Russ Maurer

    In question 4a, since the reactant was specified as a solution of aluminum hydroxide, wouldn’t it be preferable to show the compound as ionized, leading to this as the net equation?

    Al3+ + 4OH- ==> [Al(OH)4]-

    And in question 2d, I think a better answer would include the step of weighing the filter paper before filtering, rather than leaving that unsaid.

    Otherwise, everything else looks good.

    Russ Maurer
    Hawken School
    Gates Mills, OH


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