2007 AP Free Response DRAFT Worked Answers

May 18, 2007

My DRAFT 2007 Worked Answers are now available here;

2007, 1

2007, 2

2007, 3

2007, 4

2007, 5

2007, 6

PLEASE, feel free to comment, point out mistakes and generally be critical!

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  1. Michael Farabaugh

    The answers you have written look correct to me. I cannot find anything that looks questionable or out of the ordinary. I agree with you, that these FR questions are shockingly easy, and that lots of guidance and hints are provided to the students. Without a doubt, I feel disappointed that the bar has been lowered. I will be curious to see the Grade Distributions. Unless the MC section was really difficult, I would not be surprised if the scores were something like this:
    5 – 20%
    4 – 20%
    3 – 25%
    2 – 20%
    1 – 15%
    If so, it would be the first time in my recent memory that the percentage of students scoring 3 or better was higher than 60%.


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