2006 AP Scores for my classes

July 22, 2006
Categories: AP

First off congratulations to everyone. Under any circumstances these are a very nice set of scores. Taking a deeper look we see that the average score of 4.79 is pretty much in line with what we have seen over the previous four years. The averages in ’05, ’04, ’03 and ’02 were 4.73, 4.59, 4.83 and 4.69 respectively. This means that over the last five years my classes have scored 120 five’s, 35 four’s, 2 three’s and 1 two, with an average score of 4.73 – not bad over a sustained five year period that includes a pretty diverse group of 158 students. It’s worth noting that the overwhelming majority of these students are sophomores who have had NO prior chemistry course. That makes this group a VERY select bunch indeed, and highlights the extent of their achievements.

Full data can be seen here; https://adriandingleschemistrypages.com/apresultsthrough2006.pdf


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