• Question 01:

    How many questions appear on the multiple-choice section of the exam?

  • Question 02:

    On the free response section of the exam, there are;

  • Question 03:

    Calculators are allowed on;

  • Question 04:

    Which list includes only topics that were removed from the AP curriculum (and hence the exam) for 2014 forward?

  • Question 05:

    Which statement is true with reference to a course that has an approved audit?

  • Question 06:

    The weighting of the grading of the two sections of the exam (multiple-choice and free-response) is;

  • Question 07:

    Which of the following words or phrases appears most often in the CED?

  • Question 08:

    The Equations and Constants sheet is given with;

  • Question 09:

    In the free-response section of the exam, students may move around freely from question to question as they choose, with no restrictions.

  • Question 10:

    Up to what percentage of the multiple-choice questions can appear in 'sets', with a single stimulus or stem, followed by multiple questions relating to that single stem?

  • Question 11:

    How many of the multiple choice questions count toward the final score, and how many are used purely for statistical analysis, and do not contribute to the final MCQ score?

  • Question 12:

    On the legacy exam (2013 and earlier), what was the approximate grade boundary % for a 5 on the exam?

  • Question 13:

    The cut-off for a score of 5 on an AP exam (scaled for points out of 100) in 2014, was;

  • Question 14:

    All of the solubility rules below remain REQUIRED knowledge, except;

  • Question 15:

    In 2023, the CB moved the grade boundary for '3' on the exam to approx. what %?

  • Question 16:

    Which of the following questions cannot appear on the AP exam?

  • Question 17:

    Which of the following was excluded from the AP exam from 2014 forward?

  • Question 18:

    Which of the following questions cannot appear on the AP exam?

  • Question 19:

    How many TOPICS appear in the current CED?

  • Question 20:

    A periodic table is provided with;

  • Question 21:

    In June of 2022 the College Board announced that

  • Question 22:

    Approx. how much time should students spend on each 'long' FRQ?

  • Question 23:

    There is a new, updated and re-organized Equations & Constants sheet for the 2025 exam forward.

  • Question 24:

    How many Learning Objectives (LOs) appear in the latest CED?

  • Question 25:

    How many 'Big Ideas' exist in the latest CED?