AP Chemistry Review 2017

What you see below is the 2017 AP Chemistry Review Schedule (Student version 1.0). There will be updates to this document over the course of the next month, so please lookout for those.

Most of the schedule should be self-explanatory, but please note the following.

Westminster Student NOTES:

  • Anything highlighted in neon pink is graded
  • Quizzes are very short, approx. 10-15 minutes and worth only approx. 8-15 points each
  • Note the slightly earlier start time, and later finish time for Period 1’s Mock Exam
  • Please DO the reading from the Crash Course book, and as many of the associated questions as possible


  • The sessions with just a Topic title such as ‘REDOX/Electrochemistry‘ or ‘Bonding‘ , are teacher led review sessions, driven mainly by the review of old FRQ’s
  • The MCQ exams are whole MCQ exams, either ‘scrubbed’ (to remove irrelevant questions) from earlier released (legacy) exams (84, 89, 94, 99, 02, 08) that can be found on the web, or are from more recently released, College Board practice exams that you can find in the secure area of your audit (ALL also available on the web via some savvy searching)
  • You can contact me for more details

[gview file=”https://adriandingleschemistrypages.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Review-2017-STUDENT.pdf”]